James Madison, JMU Bicentennial Celebration, by Ken Beer, 1976
Public Art at JMU:  James Madison, JMU Bicentennial Celebration

Created by School of Art, Design, and Art History faculty member Kenneth John Beer, Jr. (1932-2018) to celebrate the Bicentennial of the United States of America, this bronze statue was initially met with rejection.  An article published in The Breeze (April 17, 1979) noted that the State Art and Architectural Review Council had rejected this scupture which had be created to be the focal point of a memorial garden beside Johnston Hall.  A report from the council cited a "particularly distracting" contrast between the realistic face and hair with the more abstracted coat. 

This sculpture was eventually placed outside of Carrier Library where it remained until it was moved to the plaza just oustide of D-Hall.

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