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Associate Dean
Year Started at JMU: 2003
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Dr. Wren River Stevens joined the faculty of James Madison University in 2003 as Director of the Madison Art Collection. Teaching ancient art history and technology in museum studies, Dr. Stevens scholarship focused on the use of virtual worlds as pedagogical tools in academe and in the museum field. She also researched collection objects and curated numerous exhibitions for the Lisanby Museum. Currently she serves as a reviewer for MDPI on-line journals of art and religion. In 2019 Dr. Stevens transitioned to the Deans Office in the College of Visual and Performing Arts where she currently serves as the Associate Dean. Dr. Stevens is also the Interim Coordinator for the Classical Studies Minor and a faculty member of both AAAD and the Honors College.


  • Ph.D. (Art History, Early Modern & African art), Virginia Commonwealth University
    Dissertation: The Mythologizing of Egypt in Late Nineteenth-Century British Art
  • M.A. (Art History, Ancient and 19th Century European Art), James Madison University
  • B.S. (Anthropology, Archaeology and the ancient world), James Madison University

Areas of Expertise

  • Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture
  • Ancient Mediterranean Art and Architecture
  • Tribal European Art and Architecture
  • Ancient Asian Art and Architecture
  • Technology in Museum Studies

Courses Taught

  • ARTH 205 Survey of the Ancient World
  • ARTH 322 Ancient Art
  • ARTH 424 Ancient Egyptian Art
  • Honors 300 Ancient Oracles, Modern Questions
  • Honors 300 Drawing Down the Moon, Spirituality in Time and Space
  • Honors 300 Spirituality in Ancient Mediterranean Art and Architecture
  • Honors 300 Spirituality in Ancient Asian Art and Architecture
  • HUM 250: The Ancient Mediterranean


  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs - reading proficiency
  • French - reading proficiency
  • German - reading proficiency


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