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Year Started at JMU: 2019
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MEd, James Madison University
BA, Bridgewater College


In May 2019, Aaren Bare began as a Career and Academic Advisor in the Career and Academic Planning office serving as the Liaison to the College of Business, after completing her graduate work at JMU in the College Student Personnel Administration program, in which she enjoyed serving students in offices such as CAP, Academic Success Programs (ASP), and the Center for Assessment and Research Studies (CARS).  In 2020, Aaren was excited to accept the opportunity to become a full-time academic advisor under University Advising.  As a first-generation student herself, Aaren prides herself on working diligently to support all students through their academic journey at JMU.  She loves working with first-year students that either have 1) not declared a major, or 2) are considering changing their major explore their options, as she believes this is essential for their success as students. 

In her graduate program, she worked with Academic Success Program and the Center for Assessment and Research Studies (CARS) to develop theory-based programming designed to help all students be successful academically and maintain good academic standing at JMU.  In her position now as an Academic Advisor, she uses this background to develop the Dukes Succeed! program alongside her University Advising colleagues.  This program is designed to help first-year, undeclared students at JMU that find themselves on academic probation or academic suspension alert develop the skills necessary to achieve academic success at JMU.

Prior to her work at JMU, Aaren worked as a Student Affairs professional at her undergraduate alma mater, Bridgewater College, where she enjoyed working with students in the Office of Residence Life and was devoted to developing a Student Life curriculum for the college alongside an appointed group of faculty and staff.

Presentations and Publications

  • Pope, A., Finney, S.J., & *Bare, A. (2019). The essential role of program theory: Fostering theory-driven practice and high-quality outcomes assessment in student affairs. Research & Practice in Assessment, 14, 5–17
  • Friend Not Foe: Using Theory to Develop Impactful Programs. 2019 ACPA National Conference, Boston, MA, March 2019
  • Meet Your Match: How Theory-Based Measures Help Connect Outcomes and Programming. 2019 ACPA National Conference, Boston, MA, March 2019
  • Mapping Professional Standards in Student Affairs to Outcomes Assessment Practices. 2018 Center for Assessment Research Studies Talk, Harrisonburg, VA, December 2018
  • Making Your Work Meaningful: A Tale of Two Programs. 2018 Virginia Student Services Conference, Wintergreen , VA, November 2018.
  • You’re Not Alone: Taking Action to Address Persistent Barriers to Student Affairs Assessment. 2018 Virginia Assessment Group Conference, Charlottesville, VA, November 2018.



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