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Established in 2013 by Dr. David Owusu-Ansah, the Provost's Faculty Diversity Council is an appointed group of 15 faculty from all colleges and including the Faculty Senate, the CFI, CGE, CISR and the Library. The council meets 8 times per year. 

Mission: To improve the diversity of JMU's faculty, using the definition of diversity from Policy 1302: It is the policy of James Madison University to provide equal employment and educational opportunities for all persons with out regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion age, genetic information, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, parental status, political affiliation. Employment actions are administered without discrimination. These actions include recruitment activities, working conditions, benefits and privileges of employment, compensation decisions, training classes, promotional opportunities, and termination of employment. 

Excellence in Inclusivity

The Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs is pleased to announce an award for Excellence in Inclusivity in Academic Affairs. Recipients will receive a $1,000 honorarium and will be recognized at the Academic Affairs Awards and Retirement Recognition event in the spring. The deadline for colleges to submit nominations to the PFDC is January 15, 2020. For more information on the award and a rubric for submissions click here

Provost's Faculty Diversity Curriculum Development Grant

James Madison University promotes access, inclusion, and diversity for all students, faculty, staff constituents, and programs, believing that these are foundational components of an outstanding education in keeping with our mission. The Council mission is to improve the diversity of JMU’s faculty and curriculum. Our definition of diversity is based on age, color, disability, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, parental status, political affiliation, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or veteran status. View JMU Policy 1302 here. This initiative supports JMU’s Core Quality of Access, Inclusion and Diversity, Goal 3F:

Goal 3F: The university will infuse a value and culture of diversity into the primary teaching, research and service approaches of academic units.

Therefore the Provost is pleased to announce competition for at least six diversity curriculum development grants for up to $3,000 each. The Council seeks proposals that contribute to enriching educational and research experiences that will support an ongoing commitment to this core quality.  Through these grants we encourage faculty to talk about how curriculum can better showcase and support faculty interest in diversity, through revisions of existing courses, creation of new courses and research on diversity issues that pertain to curricular innovation. The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2020. For more information on the award and a rubric for submissions click here 



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