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About Academic Council

Academic Council is committee of academic affairs leaders that advise the provost.  

Mission Statement 

We collaboratively lead our academic community through advocacy, stewardship and setting strategic direction to advance academic excellence.


Core Value
Our Core Value Description
How We Demonstrate Our Core Values


Valuing multiple identities, standpoints and perspectives within our communities. Affording opportunities for all to offer contributions that enhance collective wisdom and decision-making.

  • We seek to increase the diversity of faculty, students and staff across the division.
  • We foster an academic environment that supports diverse faculty, staff and students.
  • We ensure decisions are reflective of input provided by individuals and groups representing differing perspectives and backgrounds.


Acting with purpose in pursuit of shared educational outcomes within the university, now and into the future.

  • We proactively pursue collaborative approaches to planning and making choices.
  • We take the time to involve stakeholders in analysis, decision-making and implementation.
  • We facilitate clear communication that involves listening as well as talking.
  • We follow deliberative and informed processes to make decisions that reflect the best interests of the academic community.


Embracing the possibility that programs, processes and methods can change. Staying open to the evolution of ideas and perspectives that move us boldly forward as we encounter new challenges.

  • We reflect upon our practices to understand their origins and effectiveness.
  • We adopt forward-looking mindsets that inform our decision-making.
  • We evaluate the impact of our decisions to inform our future direction.
  • We model inventive problem solving by encouraging courageous and creative thinking.
  • We accept that failure is an option we can learn from.


Fostering academic work that is grounded in ethical decision-making and considers individual and institutional needs.

  • We are collegial, and we treat those with whom we work with honor, respect and civility.
  • We are responsible stewards of institutional resources.
  • We acknowledge the complexity and interrelatedness of the institution.
  • We are guided by policies and best practices in all decisions.
  • We strive for open collaboration and candor.
  • We stay informed on the issues that impact our positions as academics and campus leaders in higher education.



Primacy  »

Academic Council is recognized as central to setting academic priorities and to driving university-level decisions.

Academic Experiences »

Academic Council strategically fosters innovative, engaging and transformative academic experiences.

Resources »

Academic Council has a defined and well-understood role in resource acquisition and allocation, established through regular and collaborative processes that align resources, vision and strategic goals.

Communication  »

Academic Council ensures effective, dynamic and multi-pronged communication that includes and connects Academic Affairs and the university community.


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