We collaboratively lead our academic community through advocacy, stewardship and setting strategic direction to advance academic excellence.


Primacy: Academic Council is recognized as central to setting academic priorities and to driving university-level decisions.

Academic Experiences: Academic Council strategically fosters innovative, engaging and transformative academic experiences.

Resources: Academic Council has a defined and well-understood role in resource acquisition and allocation, established through regular and collaborative processes that align resources, vision and strategic goals.

Communication: Academic Council ensures effective, dynamic and multi-pronged communication that includes and connects Academic Affairs and the university community.


Inclusivity: Valuing multiple identities, standpoints and perspectives within our communities. Affording opportunities for all to offer contributions that enhance collective wisdom and decision-making.

Intetionality: Acting with purpose in pursuit of shared educational outcomes within the university, now and into the future.

Innovation: Embracing the possibility that programs, processes and methods can change. Staying open to the evolution of ideas and perspectives that move us boldly forward as we encounter new challenges.

Integrity: Fostering academic work that is grounded in ethical decision-making and considers individual and institutional needs.

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