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Accessing Your Network Files in the General Labs and Technology Classrooms


The procedure to access your network files in the General Labs and Technology Classrooms has changed.

Mac Users

Click here for instructions.

PC Users

You will no longer use the red  icon in the Windows system tray  to gain access to your files on the network.  


Instead, double-click the “Login to N Drive” shortcut on the Windows Desktop. 

A window will appear requesting your JMU e-ID and password.


If your credentials are accepted, the N: drive will be opened for browsing.


If your credentials are not accepted, there may be a long delay, and you will receive an error message.  Simply repeat the procedure to try again.


Special Note About Lab & Classroom Faculty Folders: 

Lab and classroom faculty folders will be migrated to the new system on May 11.

PC Users:  If you were provided a JMU Faculty Folder by Lab Services, you will find it at N:\Labs\LS\Common\Faculty or N:\Labs\LS\Common\TechPC.  

Mac Users: The path to connect your Mac to faculty folders is smb://IT-Data3.ad.jmu.edu/Data3.  After connecting, simply navigate to, Labs/LS/Common/Faculty or Labs/LS/Common/TechPC.  Additional detailed instructions for accessing your personal network files with a Mac are available here.


For more comprehensive information and assistance regarding the Network File Storage Project, please visit the file migration project page.