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Assessment & Testing Center

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Center Rules

All students must abide by the following rules upon entering the Assessment & Testing Center. Rule violations will result in dismissal from the Center. JMU Honor Code violations will result in dismissal from the lab and may result in judicial action.

  • All cell phones, smart watches, tablets, and laptops are prohibited. Any device that is discovered to be turned on during an exam (INCLUDING alarm, app, text, and call notifications) will result in immediate dismissal and may result in an honor code violation.
  • ALL STUDENTS must use their JACards to enter, please do not piggy-back.
  • ALL STUDENTS must sign in with the lab assistant and present their JMU ID to verify identity and student status, then sign out upon test completion.
  • ALL STUDENTS must note the test they are taking on sign-in.
  • These three rules allow us to verify on faculty request that a student was in the lab, when, and what test was completed.
  • No talking above a whisper (regarding students not testing)
  • No talking (students with test in progress)
  • No headphones unless required by the assessment
  • No food or drink of any kind permitted in the main area of the lab
  • Tests that allow multiple attempts can only be taken once per 24-hour period unless otherwise noted
  • No other windows can be open while tests are in session
  • No study material permitted unless otherwise noted
  • Printing is only permitted for test scores, instructions, and testing material
  • There are no restroom facilities located in the lab, the nearest can be found in Harrison Hall.

General Information

The Assessment & Testing Center allows students to take class and university-required tests at their convenience. Students may come to the Center without appointment during normal operating hours. Students must arrive with enough time to complete assessments before Center closing. For more information on assessments and tests administered by the Assessment & Testing Center, along with their durations, please refer to the Assessments & Tests link.

Students looking for a quiet testing environment to complete assessments not listed on the Assessment & Tests page, such as tests for online courses requiring Blackboard, Canvas or Lockdown Browser, are welcome to complete their assessments in the Assessment & Testing Center. Please note, however, in accordance with the JMU Honor Code we do not permit study material without written permission from the faculty member in charge of the assessment.

If students cannot arrive during normal operating hours, special appointments can be handled on a case-by-case basis by contacting the Assessment & Testing Center.

Distance Learning

Remote proctoring services with the Assessment & Testing Center have been discontinued until further notice. If you are taking distance learning courses in the Virginia Community College System, you can contact Blue Ridge Community College for assistance.

Students Registered with Disability Services

Students registered with the Office of Disability Services have the option to complete assessments with either the Assessment & Testing Center or the Office of Disability Services. If students intend to take an assessment at the Assessment & Testing Center and require additional accomodations, such as a screen reader or elevator access, please contact testingcenter@jmu.edu. State the needed accommodation and the test you would like to take in order to make an appointment. Please note that Testing Center staff may contact ODS to verify the accommodation. 

Accommodations that cannot be made by the Assessment & Testing Center will be referred to the Office of Disability Services.

Also note that there are no restroom facilities in the testing center, the nearest restrooms are located in the building next door, Harrison Hall.

Account Holds

A "hold" refers to the freezing of a student account as the result of a requirement not being met. Holds are placed on student accounts when fines are not paid, tuition bills are overdue, department or university required tests are not completed, among several other reasons. When a hold is placed, students cannot register for classes, make any changes to account settings or information, use university services or receive their diploma until the hold is removed. All students are responsible for monitoring MyMadison to make sure requirements are met. Account holds will appear under the Student Center in MyMadsion along with information regarding what the hold is for. 

Holds are placed by the respective department whose requirement has not been met (i.e. University Studies places holds for MREST tests, UBO places holds for overdue tuition, Parking Services places holds for unpaid parking tickets, etc.). The hold will only be lifted when the requirement is met.

The Assessment & Testing Center has no way of placing, removing, or adjusting holds.