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All tests listed below are restricted to the Assessment & Testing Center and cannot be taken remotely. Be sure to carefully monitor MyMadison to ensure your testing requirements are complete before leaving the university.

Please note that study material is not permitted in the lab unless otherwise specified.

Active Assessments

A-Day Assessment

Assessment Day or A-Day, occurs twice in a student’s career. Once on the Friday of 1787 Orientation Week, and again in February for students going into the semester with 45-70 credit hours. These assessments gauge a student’s growth in general education and student affairs. All students are required to complete both instances of the A-Day assessment. Failure to complete the assessments will result in a hold which may inhibit students registering for classes or graduating. Students must sign a yellow consent form provided by the Testing Center Assistant and complete all assessments in order to receive credit.

 Test Duration: ~2hr total.
Additional InformationAssessment Day Overview
 Responsible Department: Center for Assessment and Research Studies

Madison Research Essentials Skills Test (MREST)

The MREST assesses students on their ability to use library resources, information literacy, and using information ethically. As of Fall 2013, all freshman are required to complete MREST on or before the last Friday prior to Spring Break. Failure to complete this test by the deadline will result in a hold and may inhibit students from registering for classes or graduating.

Test Duration: ~45 min
Study Material: MREST Toolkit
 Attempts Permitted: Multiple; limit 1 per day.

SCOM Concentration Assessment

SCOM majors with specific concentrations are required to take this assessment. Students will be instructed by their concentration course professor or advisor when it is time to to so.

 Test Duration: ~45min total.
Additional InformationContact Corey Hickerson
 Responsible Department: School of Communication Studies


Inactive Assessments

History Assessment, Senior

All history majors who have completed 90 or more credit hours are required to complete the Senior History Assessment. This assessment is a graduation requirement.

 Test Duration: ~1 hr.
Additional InformationContact Dr. Yongguang Hu  
Responsible Department: 
Department of History

SCOM 394 Core Assessment

The SCOM 394 Core Assessment consists of 3 to 4 tests (depending on concentration). This assessment is a graduation requirement for SCOM majors. All tests must be completed in one sitting. Students must sign the roster provided by the Testing center Assistant to receive credit.

 Test Duration: ~2hr 30min total.
Additional Information: Contact Corey Hickerson
 Responsible Department: School of Communication Studies

Tech Level 1 Test

The Tech Level 1 tests students on their proficiency in the use of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The assessment is broken into three interactive tests. Students must demonstrate knowledge by completing a series of given tasks. Tests make all be taken in one sitting or one test at a time. Students enrolled in calendar years 2011/2012 and prior are required to complete this test prior to graduating.

Test Duration: 45 min ea; 2hr 15min total.
Study Material: Available upon request.
 Attempts Permitted: Multiple; limit 1 per day.