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Assessment & Testing Center

- Location -

LB7 Ashby Hall Basement Entrance

The Assessment & Testing Center is located in the basement of the Ashby Residence Hall on the Quad. The entrance can be found at ground level to the right of the main steps.

For more information on how to find Ashby Hall, please refer to JMU's map of Bluestone.


Contact Information

Please send all general inquiries to: testingcenter@jmu.edu

To reserve space to administer a test, please visit the reservation page.

For testing center hours: please return to the Home Page

Assessment & Testing Center Manager

Jack Garmer

Office Phone: (540) 568-6855

Lab Phone: (540) 568-6814

E-mail: garmercj@jmu.edu

About Us

The Assessment & Testing Center at JMU (formerly known as the Ashby Lab) is located in the basement of the Ashby Residence Hall. It can be accessed through a small entry door on the ground floor to the right of the main hall steps. The lab provides 96 computer workstations separated into private cubicles and a proctor staff for the administering and monitoring of computer-based tests.

Students needing to take University, department, or course-required assessments such as the MREST can come in during normal hours without an appointment.