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Assessment & Testing Center

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The Assessment & Testing Center is equipped with 102 computer workstations separated by wooden carrels. The lab's location and traffic is limited to testing only, which reduces distracting traffic often found in other locations on campus. An elevator is also accessible for students with physical disabilities. Students should contact the Assessment & Testing Center manager beforehand to make arrangements.

For an idea of what the testing center looks like visit the testing center images page.

Equipment & Software

Each workstation in the Center has a Dell Optiplex desktop with the following software:

As with the general labs, the desktops are set to restart after 30 min of inactivity, clearing all personal data saved locally.
The Center is also equipped with a printer which allows for the printing of test scores only.


The Assessment & Testing Center provides several services that are not offered at any other computer lab on campus. All tests are monitored by trained assistants. Rules are enforced to maintain a consistent testing environment and uphold the JMU Honor Code. Attendance is tracked and all students who enter the lab must log both time in and out. Faculty members can also send rosters and request updates on which students have taken specific tests.

Faculty are also encouraged to generate tests using Canvas or Respondus. This will ensure secure testing and completed assessments are accessible to the faculty member imediately after the test is submitted. As with all assessments, students are monitored and the Honor Code is upheld.

For more information on creating assessments in Canvas or Respondus, visit the support page for the Center for Instructional Technology.

You can also find more information creating tests under the Quizzes section of the Canvas Instructor Guide.

Center Rules

Below are the rules we enforce in the Testing Center.

  • No talking above a whisper (regarding students not testing)
  • No talking (students with test in progress)
  • No electronic devices
  • No headphones unless required by the assessment
  • No food or drink of any kind permitted in the main area of the lab
  • Tests that allow multiple attempts can only be taken once per 24-hour period unless otherwise noted
  • No other windows can be open while tests are in session
  • No study material permitted unless otherwise noted
  • Printing is only permitted for test scores, instructions, and testing material
  • NO bathroom facilities are available in the lab. The nearest are located in Harrison Hall.