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Walk-In Testing

Reservations can be handled on either a walk-in or appointment basis. With walk-in testing, faculty members can submit class rosters, test instructions, and available testing dates and we'll handle the rest! Students can arrive during normal operating hours and tests will be administered and proctored. Faculty members can receive roster updates upon request and be notified of students who have not yet taken an assessment. This method eliminates the need to use class time for testing.

Please note that tests should be delivered in a computer-based format such as Qualtrics, Canvas or Respondus. Paper-based tests cannot be accepted as we do not have the means to deliver completed exams.

Reserve Space

Class Reservation Testing

Faculty can also reserve group seating to administer tests as a class during normal lab operating hours. This guarantees a number of seats to accommodate a class. Please note that multiple classes may be seated adjacent to each other. Walk-In testing will also still be in progress for other tests, but will be conducted on the other side of the room away from class testing. Reservations can be made for any number up to 80 seats.

Please note that a faculty member or department representative should be present to proctor Class Reservation Testing. Staff is available if additional proctors are needed. 

Reserve Space

Special Reservations

Special reservations can be made in the event tests cannot be administered during normal lab hours. Contact Jack Garmer, the Assessment & Testing Center Manager to discuss options.