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CampusNet General Self-Help Guidelines

Please select one of the following categories that apply to the problem you are experiencing.

Virus and Malware Problem

Network Connection Problem

Hardware Problem

Virus and Malware Problem Remediation Guidelines

First Things First

Immediately disconnect your computer from the network and turn off any wireless and bluetooth access.  This will ensure that your virus problem doesn't get any worse and doesn't infect any neighboring computers connected to the network. 

Next, use another computer (ie. lab or friends computer) to download remediation software and definitions such as Symantec Endpoint to external media (ie. USB key or CD).

Note: Do not install anti-virus software if you already have an anti-virus program installed.

Instead, download and install the update for your anti-virus software.  Only uninstall your current anti-virus program if you would like to use our Symantec Endpoint Protection software freely available from our downloads page.

Some other useful remediation software that can coexist with your anti-virus software:

MalwareBytes and Spybot Search & Destroy .


Scan your system once the remediation software has been installed and/or updated.

Remove any infections, reboot your computer and run a second scan.

If the infections show up on the second scan, please contact the IT Help Desk (540) 568-3555 for assistance.  Otherwise, reconnect your computer, update your system and patch your third party applications such as Java, Adobe Reader, etc... 

If the virus problem returns after remediation, please contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.