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CampusNet General Self-Help Guidelines

Please select one of the following categories that apply to the problem you are experiencing.

Virus and Malware Problem

Network Connection Problem

Hardware Problem

Network Connection Problem

Physical Wiring and Ethernet Cable check

There are usually multiple network connections in each room which means that one of the room connections may be working. This simple fact will help you troubleshoot the state of the physical wiring in the room.  All available room connections are designated by gold tabs on the wall jack.  The purple tabbed connections are for phone and only one phone is supported per room.  Although a phone cable will insert into the gold tabbed network connection, please use a 25 foot RJ45 Ethernet cable.

Ethernet connection on the wall

If there is another working connection in the room, plug your Ethernet cable into the working connection. If your computer begins to work, please report your wall connection problem to the IT Help Desk, (540) 568-3555.

Ethernet cable check

Otherwise, check to see if your Ethernet cable is working by asking to borrow a roommate's Ethernet cable.  Plug the roommate's cable into your computer.  If your computer gets connected, please purchase a new Ethernet cable.

Also, if you're able to use a roommate's computer, plug your cable into their computer using your original connection.  If your roommate who was previously working, continues to be connected, your cable and connection are fine.  Next reconnect to your cable and turn your attention to your network settings.

Network Settings

Once you have determined that your cable and room connection are working, verify your network settings.

Our network settings are the same as the default settings of a new system shipped from the factory. Consequently, all settings are blank and set to automatically obtain information from our network (DHCP).  Please refer to the CampusNet Connection guides and videos to configure the network settings for your operating system.

We support the following operating systems on the CampusNet network:

  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate
  • Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) or later

If you are unable to connect your computer, you may need to upgrade your computer to a supported operating system.  Regardless of the operating system, you must register your computer before Internet access is allowed.

If your network settings comply with our connection guide above and you're still not connected, please contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.