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CampusNet General Self-Help Guidelines

Please select one of the following categories that apply to the problem you are experiencing.

Virus and Malware Problem

Network Connection Problem

Hardware Problem

Hardware Problem


In order to assess less than obvious hardware problems such as a damaged hard drive or memory chip, you will need a hardware diagnostic tool.  Most computer manufacturers provide a hardware diagnostic tool on a CD or on your computer.  The computer manufacturer may provide the tool via an Internet download as well.

Dell Diagnostics

For Dell systems, press the F12 key on reboot and select Diagnotics from the boot menu. First run a quick scan and only after successful completion, run an extended scan.  Record all error messages and skip to the repair section.

Apple Systems

All Apple systems ship with a CD entitled "TechTool Deluxe" .  Place the CD in your drive and restart your system.  Upon hearing the reboot chime, press and hold the "C" key to boot from your CD.  Record all error messages and skip to the repair section.

Other Systems

Other computer manufacturers have similar diagnostics tools.  Please contact your computer manufacturer such as Toshiba for assistance performing hardware diagnostics.


Dell and Apple computers under warranty

If your Dell or Apple computer is still under warranty, please contact the IT Help Desk,(540) 568-3555, to report your difficulty and get authorization to bring in your computer for repair.

Non-warranty repair and other computer manufacturers

For out of warranty repair, please contact your computer manufacturer or a local computer repair shop in the local area.  Please see our list for some possible repair shops in the local area.