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What Should I Bring?

In order to provide the best support and experience at James Madison University, it is suggested that you bring the following computer-related items when you move in:

  • Cables
    25 foot Ethernet, power adapters and other computer accessory cables.

  • Compact discs for your computer: 
    Bring all CDs supplied to you from your computer's manufacturer.  These CDs have various labels, the most common being Recovery, Drivers, and Applications.
    (This is needed in the event of a catastrophic failure and system needs to be restored.)

  • Six-outlet power strip
    CampusNet recommends purchasing a power strip with a built-in surge protector.

  • Operating System Licenses, CD-Keys, and manuals
    (CampusNet will only install Original Licensed Software.)
  • 16GB USB Flash drive -- backup your files conveniently.

    Please check out JMU StartSafe before connecting your computer to our network.