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Each of the links below show class projects completed by WRTC majors. Come explore some of the amazing things WRTC students are doing!

WRTC 484: Writing for Nonprofits
Spring 2020 and Spring 2021

Students in Elisabeth Gumnior's Writing for Nonprofits class worked on helping the local nonprofit Gemeinschaft Home--a transitional facility for individuals released from incarceration--enhance their social media presence and prepare their 35th-anniversary publication. The students produced content that will help Gemeinschaft Home differentiate itself from other non-profits in order to appeal to donors, become an easily relatable organization in the community, and become a Thought Leader on issues connected to social and criminal justice. The Coronavirus pandemic notwithstanding, the students learned about the importance of fully engaging rhetorical skills in the service of vulnerable populations. Their projects reflect both the passion and compassion generated throughout the semester and against many odds.

Read more about this class here

WRTC 328: Practicum: Rhet-Tech Journal

In Professor Anna Maria Johnson's practicum course, students learn to curate and design a showcase for diverse creative work. RhetTech aims to publish high-quality work in a variety of genres from students in the disciplines of writing, rhetoric, technical communication, or a related field. The journal’s mission is to highlight work of undergraduate students, to encourage further engagement and content creation in the writing, rhetoric and technical communication community. 

WRTC 354: Document Design
Fall 2019

Students in professor Cynthia Martin's Document Design class this fall learned a range of skills using a variety of software applications. Examples of student work include personal branding, flyer design for a client, feature spreads, newsletters and data visualization. 

WRTC 434: Advanced Popular Writing
Fall 2019: Soundwriting

As a topics-based course, WRTC 434: Advanced Popular Writing offers students a different experience each time it is offered. In the fall semester of 2019, Professor Scott Lunsford offered a new take on the subject: Soundwriting. Throughout the semester, students learned audio recording and editing techniques using online audio sources such as music, sounds, and interviews as they explored composing with and through sound.  

WRTC 420: Feminist Rhetorics 
Fall 2019

Students enrolled in WRTC 420: Feminist Rhetorics (also cross-listed as SCOM 420 and WMST 420) gained valuable and marketable experience archiving the four-day conference that drew over 500 participants to JMU and Harrisonburg. While conference goers were learning about and engaging in DIY feminism through a variety of scholarly presentations and hands-on workshops, students enrolled in the class were busy collecting artifacts, snapping photos, and conducting interviews. 

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