Background of The Madison Writing Awards (MWA): Formerly known as "Write On," these awards now include multimodal works that demonstrate the importance of writing and the awareness of sophisticated rhetorical practice. Now re-established as a biennial campus-wide celebration of the best writing-based communicative work by JMU students, the MWA includes recognition and cash awards for outstanding work. The awards are sponsored by The College of Arts and Letters and the School of Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication (WRTC) and administered by a WRTC committee. 


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Madison Writing Awards Faculty Nomination Form

Madison Writing Awards 2021

The Madison Writing Awards Committee invites each faculty member to nominate one outstanding work by an undergraduate student. We're seeking the best work by undergraduates, regardless of medium and genre, from traditional papers to mulitmodal productions.

The deadline for nominations is January 30, 2021.

Recognition and cash awards will be announced after spring break in Spring 2021. 

For more information about the nomination and selection process, please see the Madison Writing Awards Faculty Nomination Form.

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2020 - 2021 Winners
First Place

George Schulz 

Honors Capstone Thesis Project on Dietary Nitrite Supplementation

Nominated by: Stephanie P. Kurti, Kinesiology

Course: KIN 499A-C

Second Place

Olivia Siddle 

Los Efectos del Cambio Climático en la Fiebre del Dengue en Colombia

Nominated by: Diana Galarreta-Aima, Spanish

Course: SPAN 476: Culture and Medicine in Latin America

Honorable Mention

Colleen Novotny 

How Does Traditional Thailand Medical Practices Differ from Modern Medicine and How Does Their Culture Impact These Practices?

Nominated by: Mace Bentley, Geographic Science

Course: GEOG 200: The Global Dimensions

Honorable Mention

Cierra Richerson 

The Hate U Give, Media Analysis Project

Nominated by: Aaron Bodle, Social Studies Education

Course: ELED 334: Children and Social Studies

Honorable Mention

Variah Hauge 

The Past, Present, and Future of Pandemics

Nominated by: Ronald Raab, ISAT

Course: HON 300

2018 - 2019 Winners
First Place

Spencer Law ('20)

A Journey Inward

Nominated by: Jared Featherstone, WRTC

Course: Honors 361: Creativity, Technology, and the Search for Self

First Place

Kaylah McFarland ('20)

Where Would We Be Without Bees?

Nominated by: Shelley Aley, WRTC

Course: WRTC 316: Research Methodologies

Honorable Mention

Bobby Lambert ('19)

Direct Democracy, Judicial Elections, and the Sway of Public Opinion

Nominated by: Kathleen Ferraiolo, POSC

Course: POSC 492: Senior Seminar Direct Democracy

Honorable Mention

Hannah Smetek ('20)

Good Night, Baby Girl

Nominated by: Jay Varner, ENGL

Course: ENGL 391: Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

2016 - 2017 Winners
First Place

Ezra Cooper ('19)

Place and Replacement/The Present and Being Present

Nominated by: Heidi Pennington, ENGL

Course: ENGL 302: Autobiography and Identity: Making Selves through Stories

Second Place

Connor Ham ('16)

Wistful: Experiencing and Creating Girlhood Through Forced Boyhood

Nominated by: Jen Almjeld, WRTC

Course: WRTC 486: Writing for the Community

Honorable Mention

Mackenzie Patrick ('17)

A Non-Invasive Early Diagnostic for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Nominated by: Stephanie Stockwell, ISAT

Course: ISAT 452: Medical Biotechnology

Honorable Mention

Lauren Hunt ('16) and Katie Byrnes ('16)

The Club That No One Wants to Join

Nominated by: Brad Jenkins, SMAD

Course: SMAD 321: Feature Magazine Production

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