Mission statement

RhetTech aims to publish high-quality work in a variety of genres from students in the disciplines of writing, rhetoric, technical communication, or a related field. The journal’s mission is to highlight work of undergraduate students, to encourage further engagement and content creation in the writing, rhetoric and technical communication community. The journal seeks to showcase exemplary work of both first-year students and upper level course students.

What is RhetTech?

RhetTech — founded at James Madison University by the School of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication in 2017 — is a revamp of JMU’s longtime online journal for work generated in university writing courses. RhetTech showcases exemplary work being done in undergraduate writing, rhetoric, and technical communication courses around the country. This journal is run by young scholars in JMU’s School of Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication.

The name ‘RhetTech’ refers to the genres of works our journal accepts: ‘Rhet’ refers to Rhetoric, and ‘Tech’ refers to Technical Communication. We accept a variety of content, including: text-based essays, videos, podcasts, photo essays, reviews, websites, blogs, and many more. We encourage student writers to utilize all of the tools at their disposal to communicate the messages they wish to share with readers.

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