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JMU Event Management oversees scheduling of spaces in the Student Success Center.  Reservation requests can be submitted through VirtualEMS at the appropiate time based on the annual scheduling timeline.  EPIC classroom requests are accepted as class schedules are being built for fall and spring semesters.  The process is communicated to all faculty via email from the Office of the Provost

The Event Scheduling Timeline can be found on the JMU Event Management website under the tab "DATES AND TIMELINES".

Prior to making a request for space that can be requested through Virtual EMS, you have the ability to check if the space is available. In Virtual EMS, from the Browse tab on the top navigation bar, choose Browse for Space. You can view a particular building, by clicking Filter on the right hand side of the page. Choose the building you wish to view from the Facilities pull-down and click Apply. If you wish to view a different date than today, click the calendar icon by the date in the Filter.

JMU Event Management, event-management@jmu.edu, 540-568-7901

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