This table lists the standard operating hours and the exceptions to those standard hours throughout the year for the JMU's Student Success Center. Headings describe the type of hours or exceptions in each section. In each section, the first column indicates the day and/or date of the hours and second column contains the range of hours the building is open (or not) on the associated day/date.
Facility Hours Fall 2021/Spring 2022
Monday–Thursday 8am–11pm
Friday 8am–9pm
Saturday 10am–6pm
Sunday 10am–11pm
Fall 2021 hours start on August 21
Spring 2022 hours start on January 18
Exceptions to Facility Hours
August 16–20 8am–5pm
2021 Fall Break
October 21–22 8am–5pm
October 23 Closed
October 24 4pm–11pm
2021 Thanksgiving Holiday
November 19 8am–5pm
November 20–27 Closed
November 28 4pm–11pm
2021/2022 Winter Break
December 17 8am–5pm
December 18–19 Closed
December 20 8am–5pm
December 21–January 2  Closed
January 3–7 8am–5pm
January 8–9 Closed
January 10–14 8am–5pm
January 15–16 Closed
January 17 (MLK) 8am–5pm
2022 Spring Break
March 11 8am–5pm
March 12–13 Closed
March 14–17 8am–5pm
March 18–19 Closed
March 20 4pm–11pm
2022 Commencement
May 12 8am–9pm
May 13 8am–9pm
May 14–15 Closed

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