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The meeting rooms are following the JMU Event Management Scheduling Timeline which can be found on the JMU Event Management website under Dates and Timelines and includes the rooms 1075 and 4049. These rooms can be reserved in Virtual EMS by submitting a request under " Success Center Meeting Rooms (F/S)".

The table below shows an overview of the COVID-19 room setup capacities. The individual room links do not reflect the COVID-19 setup capacities.

Room # 1075 4049
Classroom 25 10
Theater 35 12
Circle 20 12
Pods of 2 28 10
Pods of 3 27 9
Hollow Square 20 9
U-Shape 16 8
Double U-Shape 25  
State Fire Marshal 73 24
# Max capacity for that room configuration
  This configuration is not available for this room
# Approved occupancies at the State level

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