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The JMU Student Success Center is a place for:

  • Challenge, support, and community:
    • helping students make successful transitions into, through, and out of the university through a broad range of programs, services, and resources
  • Collaborative learning:
    • helping students become more efficient, effective, and engaged learners who come together with peers, faculty, and staff for educational activities
  • Inquiry and discovery:
    • encouraging students to reflect, apply, and engage in "thinking, doing, wondering, figuring out things, predicting and recognizing" *
  • Advising and consulting:
    • guiding students in making decisions and developing responsibility for their learning, behavior, physical and emotional health, finances, and career

*Banning, J. H., Clemons, S., McKelfresh, D., & Gibbs. R. W. (2010). Special places for students: Third place and restorative place. College Student Journal, Vol. 44, No. 4.


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