For Commuters

The Grace Street Parking Deck houses 414 commuter spots including 12 handicap spots for students on levels 2-7. Additionally, commuters can park in the Chesapeake Avenue Parking Deck which holds approximately 657 commuter spaces near the Quad. Levels 3–5 in the Warsaw Parking Deck are available for commuter use.

For Faculty/Staff

The Mason Street Parking Deck holds 602 faculty/staff spaces including 17 handicap spaces on levels 3-5. Additionally, the Cantrell Ave deck has 150 spaces including 5 handicap spaces on levels 2-3 designated for faculty/staff. Level 2 of the Cantrell Avenue Parking Deck is accessed from East Grace Street, and Level 3 is accessed from Ott Street off of MLK Jr. Way.

For Visitors

The Mason Street Parking Deck has 99 Pay-By-Space parking spots on level 2. Parking in the Pay-By-Space level of the Mason Street Deck works similarly to parking at a parking meter. Instead of inserting coins into an individual meter, drivers will enter the assigned number of their parking space into one of two pay stations located on the ground floor. Payment for the space can then be made with coins, credit card, or JAC. Admissions visitors should have received a code in their confirmation email from the Admissions Department. If not, they can call Admissions at (540) 568-5681.

Pay-By-Space parking will have a maximum allowed time of 45 minutes Monday to Friday from 7:00AM-5:00PM and a 3-hour time limit from 5:00PM-7:00AM.  There is a 3-hour limit allowed on the weekend from 5:00PM Friday to 7:00AM Monday. Exceptions apply for students visiting the University Health Center for an appointment and recruiters visiting the Office of Career and Academic Planning. Health Center patients and recruiters should contact the department they are visiting to obtain a code to enter into the pay stations on the ground floor of the deck. The code will allow parking at no charge for a pre-set amount of time.

The Parking Services Department, located in the Champions Drive Parking Deck, provides visitors with parking permits at no charge during normal business hours (7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday). Visitors who arrive at times other than those specified above should park in R1, R2, or R4 Lots and obtain a permit from Parking Services as soon as possible. Visitors are not required to display permits after 3:00 PM on Friday through 7:00 AM Monday and may park in Commuter and Resident lots. Some exceptions may apply on game days.

For more information, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on the JMU Parking Services website

Deck Commuters Faculty/Staff Visitors
Mason Street Deck


Levels 3–5 beyond the Pay-By-Space and Hotel Valet spaces are Faculty/Staff Spaces.

(Entrance on S Mason St coming from MLK Jr. Way only—No left turn into the deck)

99 Pay-by-Space parking spots on level 2 for 45 minutes only. After 5 p.m., Pay-by-Space can be used with a 3 hour time limit.

(Entrance on S Mason St coming from the direction of MLK Jr. Way only—No left turn into the deck)

Grace Street Deck

414 spaces including 12 handicap spaces on levels 2-7



Chesapeake Ave Deck

657 spaces including 13 handicap spaces and 7 motorcycle spaces



Cantrell Ave. Deck


150 spaces including 5 handicap spaces on levels 2-3


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