The Student Affairs Assessment Advisory Council is a group of volunteers committed to improving assessment in Student Affairs across the division. Members from each Student Affairs department are present and represent varying levels of experience in assessment. Meetings are typically held once a month and last for an hour to an hour and a half. If you are interested in serving on the council and learning more about assessment, please contact your supervisor and/or any of the members listed below

Jim McConnel, AVP Student Life

Aimee Stright, Career and Academic Planning (CAP)

Jamie Williams, Community Service Learning (CSL)

Magali Laitem, Counseling Center

Chervon Moore, Center for Multicultural Student Services (CMSS)

Michael McCleve*, Madison Union

Kathryn Rathgeber, Office of Disability Services (ODS)

Sarah Sunde, Orientation

Shane Kerr, Orientation

Kathleen Campbell*, Residence Life

Carson Lonett, Residence Life

RJ Ohgren, Student Accountability & Restorative Practices

Lee Ward, University Health Center

Steve Bobbitt, University Recreation (UREC)

Amy Thelk, Academic Affairs AAC Representative

Sara Finney, Center for Assessment and Research Studies (CARS)

*Assessment Fellows

Interested in participating?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the SA Assessement Advisory Council, please contact your supervisor or one of our co-chairs.

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