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PROFESSIONAL MILITARY EDUCATION (PME) - required military science courses taken by Cadets in order to successfully complete all requirements to commission as an Army Officer upon graduation from JMU with at least a bachelors degree in an undergraduate program of study.

The Military Science curriculum is divided into two phases:

BASIC COURSE (MS I and MS II) and ADVANCED COURSE (MS III and MS IV).  The Basic course is required prior to enrolling into the Advanced course.  Placement credit for the basic course may be awarded through multiple programs including: prior military service, basic training, or successful completion of Basic Camp at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.  Basic Camp is designed for Sophomore or potential graduate students who have not yet taken any of the required Basic course classes in order to enroll into the Advanced course at the start of their Junior year of college, or first year of graduate school.


The basic course is open to any freshman or sophomore (or select juniors/seniors/graduate students by exception only). There is no military obligation incurred for taking 100 and 200 level military science courses. This curriculum is designed to help students in the near-term as leaders on campus. The classes will also help students be more effective leaders and managers in the long-term, whether they serve in the military or as leaders in civilian life. Topics addressed include problem solving, critical thinking, problem solving methods, leadership theory, followership, group cohesion, goal setting and feedback mechanisms.  The basic courses also cover basic military skills training such as map reading, land navigation, small unit tactics, and combat first aid care. 

Lessons are taught in a facilitated discussion format along with pratical hands training, emphasizing student discussions and practical exercises.

Basic Military Science

  Credit Hours

MSCI 100. Leadership Laboratory (Fall/Spring MS I year)


MSCI 101. Introduction to Leadership and the Army (Fall MS I year)


MSCI 102. Leadership Development Fundamentals (Spring MS I year)


MSCI 200. Intermediate Leadership Laboratory (Fall/Spring MS II year) 


MSCI 201. Leadership Styles—Theory and Application (Fall MS II year)


MSCI 202. Developing Leader Skills (Spring MS II year)



  16 Credits


This curriculum is designed for advanced level Cadets.  Students must be contracted into the program in order to enroll in the Advance course curriculum.  The Advanced course focuses on instruction and case studies which build leadership competencies and military skills in preparation for future responsibilities as army officers. The Advanced course also prepares Cadets for assessment at the Advanced Camp, held at Fort Knox, Kentuck during the summer between the Junior and Senior year of college.  Advanced Camp is designed to assess Cadets leadership abilities and skills they have learned through the Junior year, and prepare them for the accessions process during their Senior year.  The accessions process determines if a Cadet will go onto active duty or into the Army Reserves or National Guard upon commissioning.  It also determines which officer branch (or specialty) the Cadet will go into upon becoming a 2nd Lieutenant.  Instruction includes the principles of war, the decision-making processes, planning models and risk assessment, as well as counseling and mentorship.  Advanced leadership instruction also focuses on motivational theory, the role and actions of leaders, and organizational communications. 

Advanced Military Science

     Credit Hours

MSCI 300. Advanced Leadership Lab (Fall/Spring MS III/IV Year)


MSCI 310. Leading Small Organizations (Fall MS III year)


MSCI 320. Developing Leader Skills (Spring MS III year)


MSCI 410. Adaptive Leadership (Fall MS IV year)


MSCI 420. Leadership in a Complex World (Spring MS IV year)



     24 Credits

In addition to the above requirements you will also be required to complete one semester of military history to complete your Professional Military Education.

Military Leadership Minor:

Once you've completed both the Basic and Advanced courses, and you've taken one semester of military history, you can apply for a minor in Military History.


   Credit Hours

Basic Military Science Courses.


Advanced Military Science Courses.


Military History Course (only one)

- MSCI 150 US Military History
- HIST 300 American Military History



 Total Military Science Credits:


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