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Effective August 1, 2011, Post 9/11 benefits will cover up to the in-state tuition and fees for undergraduate and graduate students, subject to the service member/veteran's eligibility tier. Assuming 100% eligible and Virginia resident, all in-state tuition/fees will be paid by VA directly to JMU.

JMU will wait on the student's VA portion of tuition and fees each semester. A "Reported GI Bill"® line will be placed on the student's bill once all required forms are submitted and semester enrollment has been reported to VA. This line will hold the place of the student's expected Post 9/11 tuition and fee payment until VA sends the actual funds. JMU reports the actual tuition and fee charges to VA after the add/drop period each semester. 

  • If eligibility tier is less than 100%, student will be responsible for the remaining % not covered by VA.
  • If classified as out-of-state, Post 9/11 only covers the instate portion of the bill. The difference must be paid upfront to JMU. 
  • Any remaining account balance - including remaining %, out-of-state difference, room and board - must be covered by Business Office deadline or a hold and late fees will be assessed. 
  • If you have any scholarships, please contact your JMU Certifying Official. Certain scholarships could impact your Post 9/11 benefits. 

For information about JMU charges and payment options, please see the University Business Office website.

In-state Residency Questions:

Post 9/11 only pays up to the instate tuition rate. Please contact the following offices with any questions if you are classified as an out-of-state student:

  • The Office of Admissions at 540-568-5681 if you are an undergraduate prospective/incoming student.
  • The University Business Office at 540-568-6505 if you are a current undergraduate student.
  • The Graduate School at 540-568-6131 if you are a current/prospecitve graduate student.
  • Think you are eligible for the Choice Act Section 702 and section 417? Contact the JMU SCOs - Kelly and Lauren - for more information. 

Scholarships and Tuition/Fee Specific Aid:

if you will be receiving any scholarships or tuition/fee specific aid, please review our Scholarship usage with Post 9/11 page. Please notify the JMU School Certifying Officials if you are receiving any scholarships or other tuition/fee specific aid. They will need documentation of the intent of the money from the scholarship organization. 

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