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Step 1: DOD/DHS Approval of Transfer

Service member makes transfer designation, completes form, and submits to DoD/DHS for approval.

Go to http://milconnect.dmdc.mil and transfer your benefit to your spouse/children. List all dependents that you may want to transfer benefits and give at least one month of benefits to each. The months of benefits can be redistributed as needed in the future. Once you leave service, you cannot add a new dependent.

Each regular semester at JMU uses roughly 4 months of benefits.

  • For log-on purposes, have available your Common Access Card (CAC) OR DoD Self Service User ID OR DFAS Pin number. Note: This website only works in Internet Explorer.
  • At the top of the screen, it has the service member's name, rank, status, and date. The status is "submitted" when the service member first submits the form. It will change to "approved" after both the military branch and DoD/DHS approve the transfer of eligibility).
  • Provide a copy of the approved transfer to the JMU School Certifying Official (SCO).
  • Proceed to Step 2 once the TEB (transfer of benefits) is approved

Step 2: Veterans Affairs Application for Post 9/11 Benefits

Service/family member or dependent completes and submits VA Form 22-1990e through the VA website, va.gov,in the dependent's name. Instructions on how to complete the 1990e can be found here.

  • Please note this form should only be filled out and submitted to VA AFTER DoD/DHS has approved the request for TEB (step 1).
  • The application can be completed once the child turns 18 or graduates high school, whichever comes first.
  • If applying for the Post 9/11 benefit for a dependent/spouse, make sure to complete the VA Form 22-1990e application. The VA Form 22-1990 application is for the veteran only.
  • Make sure the VA Form 22-1990e application is completed in the dependent's name.
  • Provide a copy of the submitted 22-1990e application confirmation page to the JMU SCO.
  • The housing stipend and book stipend will be sent to the direct deposit account you list in the application.

The Certificate of Eligibility letter will be generated by VA and mailed to the permanent home address of the dependent on the 22-1990e application. Please send copies of letters to the JMU VA Certifying Officials. (VA typically takes 30-45 days to process and send this letter but it can take up to 8-10 weeks to process).

Step 3: Veterans Educational Benefits Student Agreement Form

Print Veterans Educational Benefits Student Agreement Form and complete page 1, the Post 9/11 section on page 2 and sign/date page 4. 

If you are using a parent's benefit, please have a parent or guardian review and sign the form. Submit completed form to School Certifying Official (SCO) with Step 4. Retain a copy for yourself.

Step 4: JMU's Request for Veterans Educational Benefits Form

After acceptance to JMU and completion of course registration during orientation/registration, dependent completes JMU's Request for Veterans Educational Benefits form and submits to JMU SCO.

Turn in form only once student's schedule is finalized

Please contact SCO if the dependent is receiving any scholarships. Please reference this link for more information. If you will be using any other tuition/fee specific aid, we must know as it is treated like a tuition/fee specific scholarship. Ex - tuition waiver

JMU Step: SCO Submits Enrollment Certification to VA

JMU's School Certifying Officials (SCO) submits student’s enrollment to VA

JMU's SCO electronically submits the 22-1999 enrollment certification to VA roughly one month prior to the start of the semester. The enrollment certification will include the students' credit hours, tuition charges and fees. Payments of the BAH and books/supplies stipend to the student along with payment of tuition and fees to JMU, are calculated based on this certification.

Processing of a student's enrollment and release of initial payments (tuition, 1st BAH payment and book stipend) by VA can take at least 6-8 weeks each semester. Please have money upfront to pay for books as well as money to cover the full Room/Board charges by the 1st Friday of the semester. If the student is living off campus, have at least 2 months of living expenses available.

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