Am I Eligible?

At a minimum, you must have served at least 30 days of continuous active duty service after September 10, 2001 and be discharged due to a service-connected disability, or served an aggregate of at least 90 days on active duty after September 11, 2001, or currently be serving on active duty or were:

  • Honorably discharged from the active duty; or
  • Placed on the retired list or temporary disability retired list; or
  • Transferred to the Fleet Reserve or the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve; or
  • Released from the active duty for further service in a reserve component of the Armed Forces

Effective August 1, 2009 but not payable until October 1, 2011 - Eligibility was expanded to include Active Service performed by National Guard members under title 32 U.S.C. for the purpose of organizing, administering, recruiting, instructing, or training the National Guard and under section 502(f) for the purpose of responding to a national emergency.

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How Do I Qualify?

Member Serves:
% of Max. Benefit Payable

At least 36 months 1


At least 30 continuous days on active duty and must be discharged due to service-connected disability or received a Purple Heart


At least 30 months
< 36 months 1


At least 24 months
< 30 months 1

80* 3

At least 18 months
< 24 months 2

70* 3

At least 6 months
< 18 months 2


At least 90 days
< 6 months 2


*Applicable percentage applies to tuition and fees, monthly housing allowance, & books and supplies stipend.
1 Includes entry level (Basic AIT and branch specific skill training) 
2 Does NOT include entry level (initial entry and skill training) 
3 If the service requirements are met at both the 80 and 70 percentage level, the maximum percentage rate of 70 must be applied to amounts payable

How Many Months of Assistance Can I Receive?

Individuals eligible for MGIB Chapters 30, 1606, or 1607 MUST apply for Chapter 33 and relinquish their benefits under MGIB when electing to receive Chapter 33. Electing Post-9/11 is an irrevocable decision.

Generally, you may receive up to 36 months of entitlement under Chapter 33 Post-9/11 (if you haven't used any of your entitlement under another chapter of the MGIB).If you have exhausted your education benefits under MGIB, you may qualify for up to or 12 additional months of benefits under Post-9/11. You CANNOT receive more than a combined total of 48 months.Individuals who have used MGIB Chapter 30, 1606, or 1607 entitlement and elect to relinquish MGIB to receive Post-9/11 are only entitled to the number of remaining months of his/her MGIB benefits. They will not receive an additional 12 months of benefits.

IMPORTANT: If you are TRANSFERRING your benefits to a child or spouse, any of the entitlement you have previously used under MGIB will be deducted and what is remaining will be the number of months transferred to the dependent.

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