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Howard L. Lubert is Professor of Political Science at James Madison University, where he teaches courses in political theory and American political thought, including advanced courses on the political thought of James Madison. He also teaches a short-term summer course in London, UK.  Dr. Lubert holds the Ph.D. from Duke University and is co-author of two anthologies: The Debate over American Slavery, 1760-1865 (Hackett Books, 2017), for which he was lead author, and Classics of American Political and Constitutional Thought, 2 vols. (Hackett Books, 2007). He has written a number of articles on American revolutionary period figures, including “Jonathan Mayhew: Conservative Revolutionary,” in History of Political Thought 32 (Winter 2011) and “Sovereignty and Liberty in William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England,” in The Review of Politics 72 (Spring 2010).  He has also published articles on the New York State Constitution, Benjamin Franklin, and the Massachusetts revolutionary figures Thomas Hutchinson and James Otis.

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