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Dr. Anthony J. Eksterowicz received his BA (1973) MA (1980) and PhD (1984) from the University of Delaware. Prior to his retirement, his teaching responsibilities included U.S. Government, The Congress, and The National Executive. He has also taught Research Methods, Interest Groups and Public Policy special seminars entitled Reform and the Political Process, First Ladies, and the Politics of Pain Care Management. In addition, he has served as the department’s internship coordinator in 1989 and public administration graduate coordinator between 1996-1998.

Dr. Eksterowicz is a member of Pi Alpha Alpha, Pi Sigma Alpha and was nominated by his department for the Carl Harter Excellence in Teaching Award in 1992. He has served on and chaired numerous department, college and university committees. He was the Arts and Letters Madison Scholar for 2004.

Dr. Eksterowicz has presented forty papers at various academic conferences around the nation and authored and co-authored approximately thirty three articles since 1988 on various topics such as strategic arms control, the Strategic Defense Initiative, participatory democracy, conventional arms control, education policy in the Regan Administration, presidential leadership, American Government textbook coverage of the Vietnam War, judicial policy at the federal appellate level, contending foreign policies in the Clinton Administration, the interplay of domestic and foreign policy in the post Cold War era and its effects upon the American Presidency, local news reporting, presidential campaigns and citizenship education, presidential power and congressional relations, first ladies, and the politics of health care.

His articles have appeared in such journals as, Presidential Studies Quarterly, Political Science and Politics, Public Affairs Quarterly, The National Civic Review, The Harvard International Journal on Press/Politics, In Depth, Defense Analysis, Southeastern Political Review, Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies, Politics and Policy, The Virginia Papers on the Presidency of the Miller Center at the University of Virginia, The Magazine of History, Middle States Council For The Social Studies Journal, Virginia Social Science Journal, University of Virginia Newsletter of the Center for Excellence in Government at UVA, White House Studies, Seton Hall Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations, and the Social Science Journal.

Dr. Eksterowicz is co-author (along with Professors Cline and Hammond) of the American
Government reader entitled, American Democracy: Representation, Participation, and the Future of the Republic, Prentice Hall, 1995 (along with Professor Hastedt) The Post Cold War Presidency, Rowman and Littlefield, 1999 (along with Professor Roberts) Public Journalism and Political Knowledge, Rowman and Littlefield, 2000 (along with Professor Robert P. Watson) The Presidential Companion, The University of South Carolina Press, 2003. A special issue of White House Studies entitled: The President and Foreign Policy: Chief Architect of General Contractor, Co-edited with Professor Hastedt will be published in 2004. He has also authored and co-authored test item files for American Government textbooks such as, Thomas Dye’s Politics in America and Burns, Peltason, Cronin and Magleby, Government By the People. He has also contributed to the Encyclopedia of American Political Parties edited by Sandy Maisel, 1991. Throughout the years Dr. Eksterowicz has served as a manuscript reviewer for Prentice Hall, The Southeastern Political Review, and Harper Collins. He is a former associate editor of White House Studies.


Department of Political Science
James Madison University
91 E Grace St., MSC 7705
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

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