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In 2011, we established an Alumni Board to facilitate and strengthen relationships among the department's students, faculty, staff and alumni through programming for students and alumni, career networking, and fundraising for department scholarships and endowments. The board consists of 15 departmental graduates (plus the prior year's board president) selected from among the three undergraduate majors in political science, public policy & administration, and international affairs. Each year there is a call for nominations for new board members. The current board reviews the nominees and selects new members to serve for a term of three years, with the possibility of serving one additional consecutive three-year term. 

For brief biographies of the current 16 board members, click on the profiles link.

In early spring each year, the board seeks nominations (including self-nominations) for membership. For a discussion of membership expectations, click here.

For an example of the career development programming organized by the board, click to see the fall 2017 Alumni Day on campus held on Nov. 10, 2017,

The board currently organizes its work with an executive committee and three standing working committees.

    • President - Ashley Burgess
    • Vice-President - Sean Lowry
    • Past President - Sierra Stanczyk
    • Communications Director - Caitlin Havron
    • At-Large - Collin Lee
    • Faculty Representatives - Jonathan Keller, Chris Blake, David Jones, and Melinda Adams
    • Fundraising Committee Chair - Vacant
    • Alumni Engagement Committee Chair - Judith Russo
    • Student Outreach Committee Chair - Georgette Sierra
    The Student Outreach Committee spearheads programming for student-focused activities through coordination with faculty.
    • Georgette Sierra, Chair
    • Jessica Adolino, Faculty Representative
    • Meagan Allen, Board Member
    • Elaine Chisek, Faculty Representative
    • Jason Goodfriend, Board Member
    • Caitlin Havron, Exec Representative
    • Jon Keller, Faculty Representative
    • Sean Lowry, Exec Representative
    The Alumni Engagement Committee connects and strengthens the relationships among alumni and between alumni and the department through networking opportunities, develops programs to facilitate such opportunities, and promotes fundraising goals and activities through outreach.
    • Judith Russo, Chair
    • Austin Adams, Board Member
    • Ashley Burgess, Exec Representative
    • Josh Humphries, JMU President's Office
    • David Jones, Faculty Representative
    • Collin Lee, Board Member
    • Jamie Lockhart, Board Member
    • Lili Peaslee, Faculty Representative

    The Fundraising Committee promotes and develops giving opportunities and strategies for department scholarships and endowments by working closely with the department and with University Advancement.
    • Melinda Adams, Faculty Representative
    • Amanda Andere, Board Member
    • Susan Atkinson, Board Member
    • Chris Blake, Faculty Representative
    • Jamie Jones Miller, Board Member
    • Sierra Stanczyk, Exec Representative
    • Steve Turner, JMU Development

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