Wilson Hall at James Madison University
Chapter Information
Chapter Designation Virginia Iota
Council Interfraternity Council
Founding Year 1901
Year Established at JMU 1970
Current President Alex Rous
President's Email
New Member Dues
Current Member Dues
Sigma Phi Epsilon on Facebook Sigma Phi Epsilon's website
Philanthropy and Service
Total Volunteer Hours Hours Per Member Total Dollars Raise Dollars Raised Per Member
601 7 $968.78 $11.96
New Members Active Members Total Members
12 69 81
New Member GPA Active Member GPA Organization GPA
2.475 2.908 2.845


2019 Excellence Awards

Member Development
Philanthropy and Service

Philanthropy Work

Youth Aids


Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love

Organizational Status

Current Status: In Good Standing

Conduct Process: Formal Investigation
Date(s) of Incident: 03-29-2022
Date of Resolution: 05-15-2022
Finding(s) of Responsibility:
Unregistered Social Event Disruptive Activity/Disorderly Conduct

Social Probation through end of Spring 22 Participation in House Party Grant on planning safe social events Educational programming on bystander intervention

Conduct Process: University
Date(s) of Incident: 04-01-2017
Date of Resolution: 04-20-2017
Finding(s) of Responsibility:
3.01 – Affiliation with unrecognized organization 25.01 – Unregistered Party

Disciplinary probation for 6 weeks (Completed) Social probation for 6 weeks (Completed)

Conduct Process: University and Headquarters
Date(s) of Incident: 10-15-2016
Date of Resolution: 11-08-2016
Finding(s) of Responsibility:
9.01 – Hazing

Disciplinary probation from November 8, 2016- May 4, 2017 (Completed) Social probation for 9 weeks (Completed) Rewrite Sigma Education Plan with headquarters and receive approval from Fraternity and Sorority Life staff prior to implementation (Completed) Submit information of member terminations as a result of internal accountability process (Completed)

Conduct Process: University
Date(s) of Incident: 09-15-2016
Date of Resolution: 09-20-2016
Finding(s) of Responsibility:
25.01 – Unregistered party

Disciplinary probation for 2 weeks (Completed) Social probation for 2 weeks (Completed)

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