Final Exam Resevrations for Spring 2024 will be open from Monday, April 15th through Friday, April 26th. ODS will reach capacity for many time blocks. It is very likely that we will not be able to accept late reservations, so it is important to book your finals as early as possible.

If you plan to use any of your accommodations on any of your final exams, please review the following crucial information regarding your final exams arrangements.


***If you have arranged to take your final exams with your professors, you do not need to read the following information.***

If your professor is unable to accommodate your final exam and they are choosing to utilize our space and proctoring services, please read the following information regarding:

A. Scheduling

B. Space


The LAST DAY to make a request on Accommodate to take your Final Exams in the ODS Exams Facility is APRIL 26TH.

  • APRIL 26TH is the deadline to request a seat for your exam to be proctored at the ODS Exams Facility
  • This deadline exists because the ODS Exams Staff needs adequate time to prepare for Final Exams Week and spaces can and WILL fill up
  • It is your responsibility to make your request by the deadline (APRIL 26TH)
  • View the link at the bottom for instructions on how to make your request on Accommodate.

Be mindful when scheduling your exams

  • When making your exam booking request, you should be selecting a date and time that your professor has approved. Double check the date and time of your exam request! Remember, your exam request is first reviewed by your professor, then by an ODS staff member.
  • Make sure your exams aren't overlapping. You are responsible for your final exam schedule. If you find that your exams are overlapping, please have a conversation with your professors to find appropriate alternative times.

ODS Room Scheduling

  • Final Exam Rooms will be available to book beginning on APRIL 15TH and ending on APRIL 26TH
  • ODS exam scheduling will look slightly different than the official JMU final exam schedule. This is to account for extra time accommodations as well as our office hours. We will have 2 blocks that you will be allowed to choose from. Exam start times will begin at either 8:00 am or 1:00 pm:
    • 8:00 am-12:00 pm
    • 1:00 pm-5:00 pm


We have limited seating and may reach capacity.

  • ODS has access to a limited number of seats.
  • If you have checked our availability and there are no seats available on the date and time of your final exam, then go back to your professor to discuss possible alternative times when ODS does have availability.

Many seats will be outside of ODS Exams Facility.

  • We are reserving classroom space outside of the ODS Exams Facility in order to provide back-up space for students to take their final exams with their exam accommodations.
  • If your final exam is online and you are testing outside of our ODS Exams Facility you will need to bring your CHARGED laptop to take the exam.
    • We cannot guarantee you will have access to an outlet so it is essential that you bring a FULLY CHARGED computer with you.
    • Please also check with your professor if you will need any additional technology, such as headphones, as ODS is unable to provide these in most cases.
  • All seats will be considered "reduced distraction environments".
    • Sound machines will be on during exams
    • Earplugs will be provided
    • Classrooms will not be filled to capacity
  • Students who are scheduled to take exams outside of ODS should go directly to their exam room for check-in.

As a reminder, our website contains instructions on how to use Accommodate to make exam booking requests as well as the Student Testing Agreement (our policy and procedures). If you would ever like more in-depth guidance on navigating Accommodate, please reach out to to set up a phone or Zoom meeting with an ODS Exams staff member. 

Note: Last edited to reflect information for Spring 2024 Exams

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