Our Research Groups

Many of our faculty are active in research and work with undergraduate collaborators to discover and publish new mathematical results. Each faculty member belongs to at least one of the following speciality areas:

Undergraduate Research for JMU Students

In the JMU Mathematics and Statistics Department we take undergraduate research opportunities very seriously. We encourage all mathematics and statistics majors to experience the process of exploring and proving new mathematical results. Many of our students publish papers with our faculty members and speak on their work at regional and national conferences.

lubert-students.jpgHere are some ways to get started:

  • Many faculty members offer undergraduate research courses for credit as MATH 297 or MATH 497, depending on the level of the project. Topics vary by instructor and student interest.

  • Some undergraduates choose to turn their undergraduate research projects into Honors Theses. This opportunity is available even for students who are not part of the formal JMU Honors Program, through our sequence of MATH 499A/499B/499C courses. 

  • In some special situations we are able to offer funded research positions to students during the academic year, for example if a faculty member has a grant or is in the CURM program.  

  • Every year our department funds a select number of JMU summer undergraduate research students who work closely with faculty over 6-8 weeks. These weeks usually run alongside our department's national summer NSF REU program, which brings in additional research students from all over the country.

  • We also encourage our students to apply for national REU programs at other institutions; see below.

  • For information on projects faculty have available for students, see our Available Undergraduate Research Projects page or talk to faculty members with whom you might like to collaborate. (Work in progress)

  • For information on current or past projects with students, see our Current and Past Undergraduate Research Projects page. (Work in progress)
National REU Programs

The JMU Mathematics and Statistics department has offered an NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program almost every summer since 2002. In this program, two pairs of faculty members each supervise a team of four undergraduates who travel to JMU from around the country to explore new mathematical research.

research-reuimage.jpgThese REU projects often lead to joint publications in national mathematics journals and student presentations at MathFest, the Joint Math Meetings, and other conferences. To find out more about the program at JMU, see our page on the JMU Math/Stat REU Program.

JMU students are encouraged to apply for external national NSF-funded REU programs, study-abroad opportunities, and other mathematical excursions. Our faculty can help advise you regarding writing applications and choosing programs that fit your needs. Here are some links to get you started:

Research Labs and Outreach

For both research and outreach to the JMU community, we support a variety of labs and special opportunites:

Regional and National Conferences

We strongly support student travel and participation in regional and national mathematics and statistics conferences. Students taking part in significant undergraduate research are encouraged to present their work at either the spring sectional MAA meeting, or the joint AMS/MAA meeting. Check out the conferences listed below and then ask a faculty member how you can get involved, and maybe even get travel funding: 

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