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JMU’s Aeroacoustics Lab is a research lab centred around a purpose-built 2m x 5m x 5m Anechoic Chamber. This soundproof room is used to conduct simultaneous acoustical (4 B&K microphones at different angles to the test section) and optical (a Schlieren system of mirrors and lenses) measurements.

The lab was designed and built in 2003 by Dr Caroline Lubert and some of her research students. Since then, she has used the lab to offer research experiences to a large number of students in the field of aeroacoustics – jet noise modeling. Work in the lab is both theoretical and experimental, and is focused on the behavior of turbulent Coanda wall jets. The specific application of current interest within the lab is rocket launch noise – we are interested in the vibroacoustic profile generated by a rocket at liftoff, since this can significantly damage the launch vehicle and/or its payload. This project is carried out in conjunction with two Virginia partners, NASA Wallops Flight Facility (WFF) and Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (NGIS).

In 2022 there was a Breeze article on Professor Lubert's research, which can be found here.


Aeroacoustic Lab Poser (2022)

Caroline & Antares Engine

Caroline & Launch Pad


Caroline & Launch Pad 2

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