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Haynes Scholars is a residential learning community for first-year STEM majors at James Madison University who want to live and learn in a diverse community that includes and supports Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC), and other underrepresented groups in STEM fields.

Students will live together in Paul Jennings Hall while taking Calculus classes in cohorts, learning skills for success in college STEM courses and making connections that help them become leaders in their departments. They will also participate in early exploratory research projects together over the course of the year, and help organize the Haynes Seminar, a series of public STEM lectures with invited speakers from the scientific research community.

The Haynes Learning Community is named after Dr. Euphemia Lofton Haynes, who in 1943 became the first Black woman to earn a Ph.D. in mathematics. Dr. Haynes later chaired the Washington, D.C. Board of Education and helped end the tracking system that discriminated against poor and minority students in DC.

How to Apply

Students of all mathematical levels are encouraged to apply! Most Haynes Scholars will take either MATH 231-232 or MATH 235-236 in their first year, according to their JMU placement scores. 

All prospective STEM students are encouraged to apply, including majors from Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, or other STEM-related disciplines.

Application information will be posted in March. 

Haynes Steering Committee

Elizabeth Arnold, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Haynes Program Co-Director
Laura Taalman, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Haynes Program Co-Director

Tripp Purks, JMU Office of Residence Life
Celes Woodruff, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Beth Cochran, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Ben Ward, Department of Mathematics and Statistics


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