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Innovation & Impact Fellow
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Elise Scheuring
ACS-General Chemistry

Elise is a senior Chemistry major originally from the Chicagoland area. Elise currently holds the position of Marketing Project Manager for the Esports Program and has been involved since the beginning of 2022. Outside of their academics and commitment to X-Labs, Elise works as a video editor for a health subscription service based in Chicago. After graduation, Elise hopes to combine the technical skills learned in the STEM world with their passion for creating into a career they will love. In their freetime, Elise enjoys thrifting, crocheting, eating soup, and of course playing video games.

Elise was interested in the Innovation and Impact Fellowship program because of the impact JMU esports has had on their life. They wanted to take their experiences and unique perspective and apply it to X-Labs as a whole in the hopes that it can make a similar difference in other students’ lives.

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