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This is where you can pitch your course idea and contribute to our mission of providing experiential and transdisciplinary learning opportunities to students. We expect courses to have a holistic or systems-level understanding and be hands-on and project-based, with a focus on real-world work.

When designing your course, consider the colleges or units that would be the best fit for partnering with you. This could be a specific faculty member or unit, or it could be a set of traits you are looking for in a collaborator. Our team will review all submissions on a rolling basis and coordinate with AUHs and Deans. We'll then contact you to discuss the next steps.

As you fill out the form, please consider the following:

  • working title or topic of your course
  • general objectives and how they relate to your departmental objectives
  • collaborations across colleges

We understand that not all faculty have experience with transdisciplinary team teaching, so please indicate your level of comfort! Whether you're an experienced educator or just starting out, we encourage you to submit your course idea and be a part of the X-Labs community!

Questions, contact Patrice Ludwig at 

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