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Engaged Learning Experiences 


JMU X-Labs International Faculty
Rob Alexander, Ph.D
Seán McCarthy, Ph.D
JMU X-Labs Courses

Cross-disciplinary & High-Impact Critical Pedagogies

JMU X-Labs courses are made to be collaborative. We welcome partners and faculty with original ideas to work with us as we design new curriculums. To ensure equity is preserved within our courses, we stick to the following guidelines:

  • Colleges with both faculty and students
  • One course per year per college
  • Off-rotation courses are managed on a case-by-case basis
Impact Beyond Course Content Learning
  • Marketable Curriculum
  • Convergence Grant/Planning Proposals
  • Research and Entrepreneurship
    • Industry partnerships
    • Start-ups
    • Industry research
    • Philanthropists
  • Faculty Professional Development
  • Internships and Student Career Development
X-Labs + Sparks

A Spark is an event that produces innovative responses to priorities facing the university. Each college at JMU can apply to host one Spark per academic year. But whether a multi-day event involving faculty members from across campus or a succinct single workshop, all successfully-funded Sparks will:

  • Represent a given theme
  • Benefit any and all kinds of learning or research
  • Make a lasting impact that furthers the theme on campus and beyond

The theme for the upcoming year (2023) is sustainability. Learn more about themes.

ELE Support Infrastructure

The office of Engaged Learning Experiences develops and maintains relationships with other JMU offices that support the research infrastructure of JMU X-Labs. We protect data and ownership for further development through the following partnerships

  • Libraries Partnership: Maker spaces, educational technology, and instructional design
  • Colleges: Instructors, students, and course numbers
  • Office of Research Integrity: IRB and other training and protocols support
  • Technology, Innovation, and Economic Development: Workshops on Intellectual Property Protection
  • Major ICCE Lab - Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship (GCFE):  Commercialization to market to business​​es

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