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118+ Partnerships  |  2/3 courses have client partners

Partnerships are essential in innovation and having X-Labs as a partner can bring new life and energy to your organization’s wicked or complex problems that may need fresh eyes. The degree of partner interaction is flexible, ranging from presenting a problem, to financially supporting the work of the class. and At X-Labs, our partners serve several important roles. They provide support to the students learning in our spaces through the sponsorship of fellowships and classes and by bringing challenges to the transdisciplinary teams in classes.

Course Partners

Does your organization have design problems but lack the resources to solve them? Do they face local or global challenges in healthcare, education, technology or security? Are you aware of a technology that could transform your industry, but don’t have time to explore it? We have what you need. 

JMU X-Labs collaborates with distinguished community, government and industry organizations to provide solutions while preparing students with real-world experience. Our multidisciplinary teams of qualified students are ready to give your business the services it needs. We invite professionals who are eager to participate in our expanding programs to submit real problems to be included in our curriculum. 

Project Example

Kristen Grimshaw was hired by the SCBI as a result of her work in the class.

 In 2018, student teams worked with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) to identify the next generation of tools that researchers need to answer critical habitat questions. Using drones, sensors and internet of things (IoT) technology, JMU X-Labs students were able to develop solutions that allow researchers to ask new questions and explore new opportunities.


Naming Opportunities

Would you like to name one of the innovation spaces at JMU X-Labs? Take a look at our spaces and inform us which one you're interested in.

For more information, please contact Connie Frigo at

Sponsor a Fellowship

Would you like to provide sponsorship for a student to gain practical experience in the industry they are pursuing?JMU X-Labs has launched the Impact & Innovation Fellowship for undergraduate students across different colleges. This is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their skills and gain valuable insights from industry experts.

Please email Connie Frigo at

Nominate a Trailblazer

Do you know an exceptional individual who has made significant contributions in their field? Someone who has a track record of innovation and would be interested in sharing their knowledge and expertise with students? JMU X-Labs Trailblazers program offers such individuals the chance to inspire and educate our students through workshops, course partnerships, or even course instruction. If you have someone in mind, nominate them today!

Please email Connie Frigo at

Innovation Partner Program

Founded in 2015, JMU X-Labs is now in a period of expansion to accommodate greater interestfrom and of students and faculty from across the disciplines, university partners, community and other external partners. We welcome the participation of like-minded industry partners in realizing this growth and extending our impact.

Our Innovation Partner Program offers visibility for you and signals your organization’s alignment with the JMU X-Labs’values.

  • Collaborative innovation
  • Inclusive excellence
  • Engaged learning
  • Creative inquiry
  • Community through high-impact initiatives

We invite you to be part of the future of higher education. Please contact us for more details at To become a partner, contact the university’s Corporate and Foundation Relations office by emailing

For more information on our Innovation Partner Program please view the PDF attached.

JMU X-Labs Partners

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