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Integrative Research and Entrepreneurial Initiatives (IREI) translate the outcomes of our Engaged Learning Experiences (ELE) to a broader audience in support of the project's next steps. The Director of IREI works with the ELE director to shape JMU X-Labs' scholarship agenda under the supervision of the X-Labs Executive Director. The scholarship ranges from the scholarship of transdisciplinary teaching and learning to domain-specific outcomes from the transdisciplinary classes.

These initiatives also include matching activities in X-Labs to external partners. These partners may help a team bring their idea to market (e.g., TI&ED and GCFE) or be involved in collaborative research funding opportunities (e.g., preparing funding proposals). The IREI director works with Research and Scholarship offices to ensure compliance with the Office of Research Integrity, the Office of Technology Innovation, and Economic Development, and the Office of Sponsored Programs.  

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