2023-2024 Fellowship Cohort

John Foley

Innovation & Impact Fellow


Tim Hudson

Innovation & Impact Fellow


Jake Jarvis

Innovation & Impact Fellow


Cole Knudson

Innovation and Impact Fellow


Elise Scheuring

Innovation & Impact Fellow

Be Intentional. Be Innovative. Make your Impact.

Innovation and Impact Fellowship Program

The JMU X-Labs one-year fellowships provide 
five students with the opportunity to work alongside the X-Labs team and industry leaders to gain valuable leadership and career experience centered in innovation and collaboration. They also serve as ambassadors for community-based and university-wide engagement and help build connections between academic departments and JMU X-Labs. 

Students receive a stipend of $2500 for the academic year. 

The deadline for this academic year's fellowship applications has passed. 

Our Mission

To provide a diverse population of students with an innovative and professionally relevant learning experience by simultaneously advancing professional opportunities and JMU X-Lab's mission.

Purpose of the Fellowship

To provide a diverse population of students with an innovative and professionally relevant learning experience by
simultaneously advancing professional opportunities and JMU X-Labs' mission.

Program Goals

The program goals are to: 

  1. Develop student leaders
  2. Gain industry experience 
  3. Develop and execute a mutually beneficial mentored project 
  4. Cultivate and grow student leaders’ professional networks 

Applications will be selected from students with
previous involvement or affiliation with X-Labs or the Esports program. The only exception would be a strong recommendation from an X-Labs faculty member/instructor.
Selection Criteria

Applications will be reviewed by the X-Labs staff and scored by the following criteria: 

  • Meets eligibility requirements 
  • Demonstrated experience of curiosity 
  • Motivated to learn leadership skills or demonstrated leadership experience 
  • Motivated to learn cross-disciplinary skills or demonstrated cross-disciplinary experience 
  • Willingness to work in a collaborative environment 

Only one Fellow per college will be selected.

Overview of Fellowship

approximately six hours/week 

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  1. Act as a liaison to your home college by disseminating X-Labs information to students, faculty, and staff.   
  2. Represent X-Labs as a professional ambassador. 
  3. Design and carry out projects that identify a challenge in your home colleges and present potential solutions using the design thinking process. 
  4. Learn cross-disciplinary skills in the following areas:  
  • Marketing, Engagement and Communications 

  • Data and Analytics: develop systems to help X-Labs analyze the effectiveness of courses, organization of data, research.  

  • Technology Consultant: develop a progressive approach to share and increase accessibility of our technology's capabilities, and to lead demonstration tours. 

  • Liaisons of X-Labs’ multi-transdisciplinary missions and goals: The X-Labs team has a multitude of educational and specialized backgrounds. Fellows have a tremendous opportunity to learn professional skills while working closely with the team.   

  • Event planning, ambassadors of the program: Each fellow will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in planning and representing the organization at campus-wide events. They will learn about the different aspects of university event planning, outreach, and follow-up processes to obtain positive feedback, which will help improve future events. X-Labs' largest event, the Innovation Summit, takes place in the late spring semester, and takes approximately three months to prepare for. Each fellow is expected to be involved in the entire process from start to finish. By doing so, they will also serve as an ambassador of X-Labs, gaining pride and valuable experience along the way. 

  • Assist with additional X-Labs initiatives and projects as time allows and as needed.   
Application Process

Applications will be collected in Qualtrics. See below for the information and prompts that will be collected. We advise applicants to write responses in a document and copy and paste into the Qualtrics application.  

We will ask...

  • What X-Labs experiences have you been a part of (including esports if applicable)? 
  • Briefly describe who you are as an innovator (maximum 150 words). 
  • Briefly provide an overview of your professional and/or leadership experience. If you are seeking this opportunity to develop in this area, please state as such (maximum 150 words)
  1. Respond to two of the following writing prompts: (500 words max) 
  • Please describe a time that you developed a curiosity and then pursued it. What was the outcome and how did it play into where you are today?
  • Please describe a time that you had to work hard to learn something. How did you handle it? Honesty is key here. If you didn't handle it well, own it. 
  • If you were coaching a team that seemed to have great talent but was flailing, what would you say or do to get them to maximize their potential? 
  • The word "innovation" gets used so often that it becomes almost meaningless. What word or phrase would you "swap" for innovation and why?
  • Please describe a time that you did not agree with feedback you received. How did you deal with the situation? 
  1. Copy and paste your responses into the Qualtrics link. A confirmation email will be sent to you upon receipt of your application.

The application deadline for the current academic year was Monday, September 11, 2023. If you are interested in applying for the 2024-2025 academic year, and want more information, please contact Angela M. Carter, Programs and Initiatives Manager: carte2am@jmu.edu.


For questions regarding the application process or the Fellows Program, please contact Angela M. Carter, Programs and Initiatives Manager: carte2am@jmu.edu  


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