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JMU is pleased to offer The Work Number©, an automated employment verification service that allows you to have your employment and income verified within a matter of minutes! This secure service is used for mortgage applications, reference checks, loan applications and apartment leases, and more. It is quick, accurate, and best of all, it's easy!

  • Secure - You control who has access to your employment and income information.
  • Fast - Employment verifications processed in a matter of minutes, instead of days or even weeks.
  • Smart - Verifiers don't have to know where you work in the University.
  • Accurate - Information provided directly from University payroll and retirement records.

This is a national service used by many major employers and is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. To receive instructions for a free demonstration of the system, visit the website at: www.theworknumber.com/employees. Under the Employee Log-In Section, enter 17737 when it asks for your Employer Name or Code.

Instructions on How to Use the Work Number

To Provide Proof of Employment Only:

Follow These Steps:

Give the person requesting your proof of employment the following information:

Alternatively, they can call 1-800-367-5690 or 1-800-660-3399 with the information you provide.

To Provide Proof of Employment Plus Income:

Follow These Steps:

  1. Obtain a "Salary Key" (authorization code):
    Visit www.theworknumber.com/employees or call 1-800-367-2884. You will need the following information:
    • The James Madison University Employer Code: 17737
    • Your User ID (this is your JMU employee ID from your JAC card)
    • Your PIN (Your PIN is a combination of your Social Security Number and Date of Birth: Year of Birth (YY) + 1st 4 digits of SSN (XXXX) + Month of Birth (MM). For example, if your social security number is 122-34-5678, and your birthdate is 12/15/1980, your PIN would be 80122312.) IMPORTANT: Do not give your PIN to a verifier.

    Select to obtain a Salary Key and write it down

  2. Give the person requesting your proof of employment the following information:
    • Your Social Security Number
    • The James Madison University Employee Code: 17737
    • The Salary Key from the Work Number

    This can be done online at www.theworknumber.com/employees or by calling 1-800-367-2884, 1-800-367-5690 or 1-800-660-3399.

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