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Below is a guide to help you navigate the PageUp system as a search committee member. If you have any questions after reviewing this guide, please reach out to your Recruitment Specialist.

Search Committee Guide
  • Search committee members receive access to the posting after the posting’s initiator adds them in the “Search Committee Details” section of the posting during creation
    • If you are a JMU employee without a PageUp account serving on an upcoming search, the posting’s initiator will be able to add a user account for you in the “Search Committee Details” section of the posting; you will receive an email with instructions for your first log-in
  • You will not receive an email upon being added to a posting; you will simply find the posting on your dashboard after being added
  • In the “Search committee review” panel, click “Jobs requiring panel review”
  • A list of the postings in that you are listed as a search committee member will be displayed
    • View the posting’s content by clicking “View job”
  • Click “View Applicants” to review current applications
  • In the list of applicants, click the first icon in the upper right-hand corner of each applicant’s section to view the full application
  • In the full application form, scroll to the section where the application documents are linked
    • Click the name of each document to download and view the documents

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