Administrative & Professional Faculty (A&P Faculty)

Administrative faculty and professional faculty are normally referred to collectively, as both require advanced learning acquired by prolonged formal instruction and/or specialized training and work experience. However, the university recognizes administrative faculty and professional faculty as distinct position types.

Administrative Faculty positions are generally senior administrators who perform work related to the management of the educational and general activities of the university, for at least fifty percent of their work. Typically, administrative faculty serve in executive leadership roles such as vice president, provost, vice provost, dean, assistant or associate vice president, assistant or associate vice provost, or assistant or associate dean. Other administrative faculty roles can include (1) those responsible for the administrative direction of separately designated divisions or departments of institutional activity; (2) positions whose primary responsibility is to attract external funds; or (3) positions that are characterized by active, continuing involvement in formulating, interpreting and implementing institutional policy and exercise substantial independence, authority and discretion in areas such as program planning, design and allocation of resources. The organizational reporting relationship for administrative faculty is normally not lower than three levels below Executive Council positions. For Academic Affairs, this would include: Vice Provost/Dean (level 1), Academic Unit Head/Director (level 2) and Associate Director (level 3).

Professional Faculty require advanced learning and experience acquired by prolonged formal instruction and/or specialized work experience. Typical professional faculty positions are librarians, counselors, coaches, physicians, lawyers, engineers and architects. Other professional positions may support education, research, University Life and other such activities. Professional faculty positions must require the incumbent to regularly exercise professional discretion and judgment and to produce work that is intellectual and varied and is not standardized.

Instructional Faculty

The members of the faculty who have responsibilities that include teaching, research and service as the majority of their duties.

Adjunct Faculty

The title given to a person who teaches at the university on a limited, special or provisional basis, but in the role of an adjunct, is not required to perform other regular duties of a faculty member (i.e., scholarly activity or service). Adjunct faculty members are qualified individuals hired for limited or special teaching assignments, such as teaching particular courses or sections. In their adjunct role, they have no duties other than teaching.

Classified Staff

At JMU, a non-faculty, full-time salaried employee whose terms and conditions of employment are subject to the Virginia Personnel Act (Virginia Code § 2.2-2900 and following). Classified positions are assigned to an Occupational Family and Career Group based on duties and responsibilities, and to a Role Code based on the compensable factors of Complexity, Results, and Accountability.

Wage and Part-Time Employee

At JMU, non-teaching employees hired to meet part-time, temporary or seasonal needs.

Wage employees are limited to working no more than 1,500 hours during each 12-month period of May 1-April 30. In addition, wage employees may not exceed an average of 29 hours per week over the standard measurement period, May 1-April 30 of each year.

Part-Time employees are salaried individuals who work in non-teaching, professional positions on either a temporary or renewable basis. Part-Time employment is subject to hours and renewal restrictions based on the type of position needed by the department.  Most part-time positions require a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the department supervisor and employee, highlighting the type of position accepted and maximum hours allowed on a weekly basis.


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