Dual Career Services

JMU’s Office of Human Resources offers dual career services to spouses/partners of new faculty and staff. The ability of a spouse or partner to find employment and for the family to become engaged in the
community are crucial elements in the recruiting and onboarding process. HR developed this
program to encourage couples and families to embrace JMU and its surrounding

You are eligible for dual career services if you are the spouse or partner of a new full-time JMU faculty or staff member, and are relocating to the area. Dual career services are provided to the spouse/partner for up to one year from the employee’s date of hire at the university or until employment is secured, whichever comes first.

Available services include:

  • General information on employment in the region
  • Referrals to networking and career development resources
  • Job search information surrounding employment opportunities at local/regional employers
  • Assistance with resume and interview preparation
  • Guidance in applying for positions at JMU and navigating the JobLink website in accordance with JMU hiring policies and procedures

You may request these services by completing our Dual Career Services Request Form. Completing this form provides HR with additional information to better tailor job search assistance to your needs. We will reach out to you to set up a time to talk further once the form is submitted.

Dual Career Services are only offered for one year or until you secure employment, whichever occurs first.

Dual Career Services may only be used once to find initial employment.

Our program does not compromise the normal hiring or search process and cannot interfere with the hiring policies or procedures of the university. We can help you navigate the JMU JobLink system and provide a letter of introduction to the associated department acknowledging your participation in the program.

Our goal is to provide liaison assistance to eligible participants regarding their search for employment. We are glad to offer guidance and resources with regard to a participant’s career search and are committed to assisting dual career couples, but can neither create jobs nor intervene in an employer's hiring practices. It is the expectation of the program that participants manage their own career search.

Yes, the program will certainly assist with employment outside of the university. JMU maintains a network of business contacts in the community and surrounding area to assist you in your job search.  Through the program, you can obtain resource information about the local business community, job openings and introductions to contacts of interest for informational interviewing purposes.

Yes, the program offers all of the same assistance to those candidates who are seeking part-time employment.

If you are waiting for authorization to work, you can still secure information about local employers and job opportunities. You can start researching options and we can be better prepared to assist you when you secure proper authorization.

The program does not provide references for those we assist. References given to potential employers should be those who can speak with a great degree of validity about your past professional contributions, accomplishments and success. Colleagues in your particular field or previous supervisors are the best references.

Our area continues to grow and expand. There are diverse industries in the valley from healthcare/biomedical and manufacturing/construction to insurance and finance organizations. The Shenandoah Valley’s rich farming history and vast recreational offerings have also led to increased opportunities in agritourism and hospitality. In addition to JMU, there are four institutions of higher learning within reasonable driving distance from Harrisonburg for those looking for academic positions. Keep in mind that this is not yet considered a major metropolitan area and searching for employment may require patience and persistence.

If you have questions about the program, please reach out to our Recruitment and Employment Services Team at jobs@jmu.edu or 540-568-7203.

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