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EmployeeDirect - A Department of Human Resource Management link, EmployeeDirect provides registered account holders with secure, quick and easy online access to a variety of personnel, compensation and benefits resources. It allows you to review and make certain changes to your personal information 24 hours a day from any computer with internet access.

EmployeeDirect for health benefits elections will be offline until further notice.  If you need to enroll or have a plan or membership change based on a qualifying mid-year event, please complete the appropriate health benefits enrollment form. These forms may be found under the Forms link at www.dhrm.virginia.gov/forms on the DHRM website, or contact your Benefits Administrator.  Be sure to sign and submit the form to your Benefits Administrator within the 30-day deadline for initial enrollment or 60-day window for a qualifying mid-year event.

MyVRS - An online service of the Virginia Retirement System where you can create an online account that provides secure access to current member information and monthly benefit estimates.

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