ORP Open Enrollment

As a reminder, the month of October is Open Enrollment for the optional retirement plans. Faculty members may elect to switch plan providers, with the change becoming effective January 1, 2015. The two plan providers are Fidelity and TIAA-CREF. If you are interested in selecting a different plan provider, please contact a member of HR’s Benefits Team at 540-568-3593 to complete the necessary paperwork by Friday, October 31.

Flu Vaccine Information

State health benefit plan members may get a free flu shot at participating pharmacies, and Kaiser Permanente HMO members at participating Kaiser Medical Centers. Members also may receive flu shots at no cost from network physician’s offices and other providers.

Visit the DHRM website at www.dhrm.virginia.gov to find participating providers and Pharmacy Flu Shot Program questions and answers for each plan. Plan members should call ahead to confirm that the pharmacy is participating in the program and that flu shots are available. An appointment may be required.

Benefit Enrollment Instructions for Employees in a Same Sex Marriage

Same sex marriages are now legally recognized in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Benefits eligible employees legally married in the Commonwealth or elsewhere may now enroll their spouse and eligible dependents in the health benefits program for state employees.

Eligible employees whose marriage occurred prior to October 6, 2014, have until Thursday, December 4, 2014, to submit their enrollment request to Human Resources. Those who miss this enrollment window must wait until the next Open Enrollment Period or another qualifying mid-year event which will allow them to add eligible family members. Employees who become legally married on or after October 6, 2014, must submit their enrollment request to enroll or add their spouse and other eligible dependents within 60 days after the marriage. When the enrollment request is received on the first day of the month, coverage is effective that day. Enrollment requests received after the first day of the month become effective on the first day of the following month.

Please contact the Benefits Team at benefits@jmu.edu, or 540-568-3593 to schedule an appointment to complete the necessary paperwork for the enrollment request.

Classified Employee Leave  

With holidays fast approaching, now is a good time to review your leave balances and use any leave time by Friday, January 9, 2015 that would be above your maximum carry over limit. As a reminder, you must work or be on approved leave the day before and the day after a holiday to receive holiday pay. Please review your leave balances in the event you are close to using all your leave. Leave questions may be directed to Kristi Moon, Leave Coordinator, at moonkd@jmu.edu, or 540-568-3728.

Official University Closings and Holiday Schedule 2015


Election Day and Using Leave Appropriately

Election Day for Virginia’s statewide general elections is Tuesday, November 4, 2014. The polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. Voters will be required to show a photo ID at the polls. As employees exercise their right to vote there are a few rules to keep in mind:

Election Day Attendance

Election Day can present staffing challenges resulting from employees wanting to arrive late or to leave early. It’s important to ensure that employees have a reasonable opportunity to vote, to maintain sufficient staffing coverage throughout the day, and to employ an approach that is equitably applied to all staff.

  • Encourage employees to vote before work, after work, or during their lunch breaks, and to coordinate their schedules with supervisors and co-workers.
  • Advise employees that late arrivals and requests for early departures or extended lunch breaks will require the use of personal leave. Annual, family personal, overtime, compensatory or recognition leave may be used for this purpose.
  • Consider adjusting the schedules of non-exempt employees as an alternative to using leave.

Election Day Volunteers

Employees who serve as Officers of Election shall be allowed to use up to 8 hours of Civil and Work-Related Leave on Election Day. As with all leave, supervisory approval is required.

Employees who serve as Officers of Election shall be allowed to use Civil and Work-Related Leave to attend the required Officer of Election certification training only when the employee's locality does not offer the training during non-work hours. Training schedules are available from local registrars and are typically posted on the localities’ websites.

If an employee uses Civil and Work-Related Leave to work as an Officer of Election and receives payment for duties and/or training, (s)he must submit the payment to the Commonwealth.

  • If the employee wishes to retain the payment, (s)he must use annual, compensatory, overtime, family/personal, or recognition leave.
  • Employees who are reimbursed for expenses only (travel, parking, etc.) are permitted to keep such payments.
  • Neither Civil and Work-Related Leave nor School Assistance & Volunteer Service Leave may be used by employees who wish to volunteer on Election Day in another capacity (e.g., poll workers not certified as Officers of Election, political workers, etc.). These activities are considered political activities, not community services as defined in the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) Policy 4.05-Civil and Work-Related Leave.

Virginia Department of Elections https://voterinfo.sbe.virginia.gov/PublicSite/PublicMain.aspx

Message for Campus Directory Administrators

Are you the campus directory administrator for your department? Be on the lookout for an email from Human Resources this month confirming your role as an administrator, confirming the departments in which you have administrative privileges to, and updated instructions on how to ensure that your department’s information within the directory is kept up to date.

Learn More about the Stuart Hall Merit Scholarship Program

Stuart Hall School offers one dedicated $10,000 per year merit scholarship each year for qualified new students entering grades 6-12 who are the children of full-time JMU employees, faculty, or staff. This partnership is an exciting employee benefit, and is an exclusive relationship between JMU and Stuart Hall School.

Mark your calendar and join representatives from Stuart Hall on campus on one of the following dates for refreshments and an informational session:

Thursday, November 13, 2014 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. or

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Both sessions will be held in the Pathways Training Center in the Wine-Price Building

How do you find out more?

Or, call Stuart Hall directly at 540-213-7050 or email admissions@stuart-hall.org
JMU’s on-campus contact is Renee Reed, in Human Resources, who can be reached at reedra@jmu.edu.

Are You Planning on Wearing Red on Wednesday, October 22?

The Red Flag Campaign is a public awareness campaign designed to address dating violence and promote the prevention of dating violence on college campuses. The campaign was created using a “bystander intervention” strategy, encouraging friends and other campus community members to “say something” when they see warning signs ("red flags") for dating violence in a friend’s relationship.

Visit https://www.jmu.edu/healthcenter/sexual-violence-prevention/Get-Active.shtml for more information.

Here to Help

Picture a substance abuse prevention toolbox available to JMU students. One of the tools in that toolbox is the Here to Help program.

Register for the next Here to Help training on Friday, October 31 to orient faculty and staff to the spectrum of campus resources available to students in distress or crisis, including those students experiencing problems related to alcohol use and abuse. It takes place 9:00 a.m.-noon in the Festival Conference and Student Center, Highlands Room, and includes a light breakfast.

Why is this important to you? Increasing awareness among faculty and staff about the substance abuse prevention tools and resources available for students can help in two ways:

  • Increase awareness in the community about JMU’s substance abuse prevention efforts for its students
  • Empower faculty and staff to be involved and serve as points of access for students in need of referral                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Please bookmark jmu.edu/toolbox to see more substance abuse prevention tools and resources available to students. Download and print a toolbox reference sheet to keep handy. And contact the University Health Center at uhcsap@jmu.edu, or 540-568-3317 for more information.

October Safety Tips From the Office of Risk Management

  • Seasonal Glare
  • Deer and Animal Collision Avoidance
  • Chain Saw Safety Practices
  • Cold Weather Preparedness

Do you Know What to do if you Experience, Observe or Receive a report of discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct on campus?

Join us on Wednesday, December 3 for this important workshop to learn more:

Ending Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct: What You Need to Know About Discrimination, Harassment, and Title IX

Can’t make it to an in-person workshop? Online access to this workshop is now available!

Title IX: Ending Discrimination and Harassment

A Snapshot of Upcoming HR-Related Workshops Offered by JMU Training and Development

JMU JobLink
New Budget Initiative Forms
Workplace Substance Abuse Management for Supervisors
Saving for a Rainy Day – Taking Advantage of Savings Opportunities
Student Employment Essentials - News & Updates, Spring Semester Hiring, FWS & Reporting Earnings on FAFSA (https://www.jmu.edu/training/development/studentemployment2014.shtml)

For additional information or to arrange customized sessions for your department, please contact Suzanne Vance, Training Coordinator at 540-568-4101 or vancesn@jmu.edu.

Free video tutorials on software, design, and business skills. Learn to use Canvas, SharePoint, WordPress, Illustrator, Photoshop, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and more—all free to James Madison University students, faculty, and staff. Check out the Lynda.com mobile app on the Lynda.jmu.edu landing page.

The University Policy Committee website is a resource to research policies that have a broad impact on the university's people and processes. The most recently implemented/updated policies may be reviewed at https://www.jmu.edu/JMUpolicy/datelist.shtml.

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