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Conflict of Interests Training

Pursuant to § 2.2-3128 of the Code of Virginia, individuals who file a Statement of Economic Interests with the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Office must complete Conflict of Interests training within 60 days of beginning employment and once every two years thereafter.  Employees required to complete Conflict of Interests training are notified when to do so by JMU’s COI agency coordinator.

The purpose of the 60 minute, online training module is to ensure that certain state officers and employees gain a greater understanding of the Conflict of Interests Act and its prohibitions.

By having a working knowledge of the Act, you will be able to recognize potential conflicts and learn how to seek advice on the appropriate measures to take in order to avoid potential conflicts.

During this training, you will learn the following about the Conflict Act:

  • The general prohibition of the Act concerning such matters as using confidential information and accepting gifts and certain business opportunities
  • Certain limits on post-government employment
  • The prohibitions that apply to certain contracts with state government
  • The prohibitions related to participating in certain transactions before your agency
  • The penalties for violating the Act
  • Where and how to seek advice concerning the Act

To complete the training, please visit this website:


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