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COI Contacts

One of the duties of the Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council is to provide a single place for state employees to contact with questions about complying with the State and Local Conflict of Interests Act (§ 2.2-3100 et seq.). Council staff can provide confidential informal guidance on compliance with the law for state filers.

Elizabeth Sundberg
Filing Coordinator (Contact if having issues with electronic filing)
Phone: 804/698-1848

Rebekah Stefanski
Attorney (Contact with questions specific to one’s disclosure)
Phone: 804/698-1846

If a filer wishes to seek a formal advisory opinion, then they may request one through Council staff and will be answered by the Council after approval of the opinion response at their next meeting.

Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council
900 East Main Street, 8th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219

JMU’s Conflict of Interests agency coordinator uses the COI system to send electronic notifications to file or complete training and is available to assist employees with questions about the filing process and training requirements.

Leigh Ann Bowles

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